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Evans Waterless Engine Coolants


Evans Waterless Engine Coolants are now available at Swansea Vale 4x4. They are major step forward in engine cooling technology and proven to increase engine reliability, reduce maintenance costs and improve perfomance.

Evans Coolantts have a boiling point above 180 degrees eliminating overheating, boil-over and after-boil. The formula improves conbustion, maximises BHP, prevents corrosion, erosion and once applied Evants Coolants are designed to last the lieftime of the engine and never need replacing.

Blends are available for classic and vintage, modern, heavy duty, performance cars, bikes and even Rotax light aircraft engines.

  • No Water: No Pressure
  • No Water: No Overheating
  • No Water: No Corrosion
  • No Water: No Erosion
Evans Waterless Engine Coolants